. tamil


V. Venkataramanan (venkat)

Visualized this initative.

A post doctoral research fellow, working in surface nonlinear optics of semiconductors.  Escapes away from his demanding laboratory works are open source and tamil literature. 

Has contributed to KDE localization projects, writes in popular and electronic tamil media on cutting edge scientific discoveries and open source issues.

Sivakumar Shanmugasundaram (siva)

Maintains the KDE pages here.

If and when the first ever linux desktop in indian languages arrive as KDE 2.0 - Tamil, siva will be a part of the history.

 Dinesh Nadarajah (dinesh)

Maintains the GNOME section

The desktop for the new millennium, GNOME is getting ready for tamil users, dinesh is leading the bunch.

You - yes, the unknown as yet, you.

This initiative has room for everyone.  If you are interested in maintaining a section, say tutorails, howtos, fonts and unicode issues, GIMP, admin tools, - you are most welcome.  Drop us a line.

All Contributors to this initative will be openly and suitably acknowledged.  We look forward to hear from you