. tamil
Aryabhatt Linux
First Linux distribution tailored for indian users (or is it a RedHat wrapped under indian tricolor?).  But watchout for the local hardware support
Caldera Systems
A versatile package.  Has several versions for large, medium and small users.
Corel Linux
A popular software developer for Microsoft, turned linux evangelist.  Simple, easy interface
Debian GNU/Linux
The purest of all pure open sources.  A good open bug tracking system is its solid speciality.
Linux-Mandrake Home
The RedHat derived magician has a powerful wand - easy installation and configuration.  Some reviews dub it as a better RedHat than RedHat itself.  One of the fastest growing market shares.
Macintosh users are not left behind.  Developed by the Apple for Mac. hardwares.
If the name of redhat has appeared while talking about others, you should know by now.  The hard linux pushers, smart marketeers and up till now, strong open source loyals.  Most popular.
The Slackware Linux
They are there - the pioneers in stuffing linux to the 640MB thin disk at paltry cost.  Hardcore loyals throng here, still.
The european powerhouse.  Workhorse and easy to use.
The power distributions, setting eyes on wider market. Has a good presence in japan and china.
Linux for the meager resources.  DOS installation and peaceful coexistence.  Also possible for modular addition of stuff like Perl and LaTeX - if you need. 
Watch out this space for the latest developments

We now have our dedicated domainname and webserver, thanks to the initiatives of Mr. Maniam, Singapore.

We have about a third of the KDE desktop translated in Tamil. 

Look for the Screenshots

You have now a choice between romanized phonetic keyboard and Mylai based Keyboard